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Leashed Walks (2 types)

1 hour on-leash group walk ($15)

I collect the dogs in my minivan first and then we go exploring through downtown Ucluelet (away from the loose and roaming neighbourhood dogs). This is something of a mini-adventure. It's not just about the exercise, it's a chance for your dog to socialize, make friends, and see and be seen in Ucluelet (with all the other cool dogs). It also allows your dog a chance to get used to being around crowds and vehicles if that is something they struggle with. Maybe there will be an opportunity for some off leash play in a fenced yard, if desired. With these walks, I act as the daycare worker teaching doggy manners. I will tailor the walk to suit your dog. Feel free to contact me with any questions. First walk is free for Ucluelet residents. Discounts for multiple dogs from the same house. With pick up and drop off routines, your dog could be away from home for 1 to 2 hours; the walk itself will not be less than 1 hour.

30-40 minute on-leash training walk ($20)

Your dog gets more focused attention to work on basic leash walking skills and commands. These walks can also be used to work on any behavioural issues your dog is having. A maximum of two dogs would be on this walk.

Your dog is not too young! Please don't delay! More important than any formal command training is just exposing your dog to the world (as many good people and good dogs as possible) in a nurturing and secure way while teaching basic doggy manners. The advantage over a dog park is that I know all the dogs under my care and they are all deferring to me as their daycare worker. I don't let the dogs sort it out themselves, I teach them. A bad experience or not exposing and teaching doggy manners while young can create a dog with harder to manage problems when older. Again, I will tailor the walk to suit your dog's needs, even if that means just a session in the yard with my gentle-natured Labs and then slowly introducing more gentle-natured dogs as we progress.

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