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"Matt is simply amazing! I've had dogs in my life since forever and I learned more from Matt in 2 hours than I'd accumulated over my entire life. Not only the time spent with me and Flash but the follow ups with the tips and products to help guide us in the future. His advice was perfect in the general and breed specific sense and the results are amazing."    -Damian

"Had a brilliant first session with Matthew this morning. Have just taken on a third stray and decided I needed some help especially on the walking on the leash. I stood amazed to watch Matthew walk all 3 past his own dog with no fuss at all. I found Matthew an excellent listener and communicator and the whole session was very positive. His calm, confident,manner calmed me as much as the dogs and I feel confident and pleased to be able to work with my dogs. I am hopeful to be able to enjoy walks again and not dread them as I had begun to do. 
Only wish I d known about Matthew sooner. Have always watched Caesar Milan programmes and dreamed of having him visit Qatar. But we don t need Caesar we have Matthew and his ways are easier to follow!"   -Jude

"Instantly made our dogs happier and more relaxed. The change is incredible, in one session! Supremely professional and confident, Matthew is a true professional and we look forward to seeing more of him to keep us on the right track!

Updated - Had our second session with Matt, again, it's like the man is a miracle worker. I'm pretty sure he has exchanged our dogs for different ones, the change is that massive!

Matt once again corrected my many mistakes and taught me how to be the leader and carer that my dogs need. Even after a couple of hours with Matt I feel closer to my dogs than I have in the last three and a half years. I have gone from being scared and worried to have my dogs around other people to being proud and eager to share our dogs with others. They were even nicer to the vet!!

Thank you again for everything you have done for us, i am so glad that we had your help"    -Simon

"Wow what a hugely beneficial few hours we just spent with Matthew. Brilliant leash training and commands. Our dog changed and understood very quickly, using the techniques given we are really looking forward to using them and have a better understanding of where we have been going wrong. I thought I knew a thing or two but quite a lot of things I thought were right were wrong! I would recommend this to everyone no matter how long you have had your dog and even if your dog is relatively well behaved. Thanks so much for your time Matthew, much appreciated!"     - Nina and Tim

"Zoe goes out on a couple of Adventure Walks a week. She loves them! We always take her to the beach on the weekend but she is so much more content now that she gets great exercise during the week...and gets to spend time with other dogs....Zoe has mellowed so much and I perceive her as very content. I strongly suspect that the adventure walks have contributed greatly . 

We have also been using Matthew for some "dog training"...which is just as much about training us! Zoe likes to bark at anyone walking by and even more so if someone comes to the door...just to warn us so that we can be safe from this danger! Her barking has almost stopped and she is learning to control herself and leave people alone when they come in the house. This is better for everyone. The behavioral changes are remarkable."   -Kelly and Mike

Our dog Savannah went to Matthew for a week of boarding and training. We were told not to expect huge changes but she would gain the basics to become a better well behaved dog. 
I must say he has worked absolute wonders and Savannah is responsive to her commands, a delight to walk and a calm dog that we have always wanted. 
His training and techniques are amazing and he is very willing to listen to all of your concerns and queries you may have. 
If you would like your dog to have some training I highly recommend Matthew. Not only has it been a learning experience for Savannah but for myself too! 
Once again thank you so much!"     -Holly

"My rescue Saluki cross Georgia is a different dog since she's been going on Adventure walks. She is young and very timid, especially with men, Matthew took the time to come and meet her before the first walk and by the end of his visit she was walking happily on the lead with him and taking treats from his hand. We get sent photos and an update on how each walk went. The improvement in Georgia is amazing just from going on the walks, she is much more confident and an all round fitter happier dog."    -Penny

"Thank you so much Mathew for all you have done for us at Paws...a good many dogs have benefited from your wisdom, and made a huge difference to their future."      -Emily

"Matthew provides a valuable service for us and our dog. He has great control of so many at once & they give each other wonderful socializing, get healthy exercise & come home happy & tired. Our dog clearly enjoys herself thoroughly & I honestly wonder how we'll replace these worthwhile experiences for her when Matthew leaves Qatar."     -Marcia

"We are so glad you came to our home and teach us how to treat Lovedy. Matt is very profesional and filled with patience. He really knows what the dogs needs and knows perfectly to train them with all respect. Fully recommended!"    -Gabriela

"The best dogs trainer I've dealt with, thank you!"      -H M Al Mulla 

"My dog Rory loves his weekly adventure walks! When I get home from work he is a perfect mixture of happy and exhausted. I love that Matthew sends pictures each week of Rory's adventures and that he is getting to socialize with different dogs."       -Diane

"My dogs have been going on adventure runs with Matthew for 2 years. Now that he is leaving Qatar, we will really miss him! He helped us cure our boy's separation anxiety & helped us to teach him how to live peacefully with a cat when he was first rescued... then, he gave them all weekly socialization and exercise off-leash. Thanks for everything, Matthew! Lexi, Luki, & Jaida will miss you!"      -Leah

"Just wanted to say I highly recommend doha dog services training if anyone is looking for a trainer for their pooches - Matthew has just started training our two german shepherds and the difference in them after one lesson is absolutely amazing! I can not thank him enough for showing us great techniques to help us have the relaxed well behaved puppies we want! The methods he uses are easy and simple for anyone to follow and don't always involve treats! My two dogs have basically transformed overnight, we are amazed!! It is now much easier to walk my bigger boy who was constantly pulling me before! It is a continuous process but we are just astounded at how well they are responding! We have tried another trainer in the past and didn't see any results after a full block (six sessions)! So for anyone needing help please consider doha dog services, you won't be disappointed I'm sure!"

Update: "I can not thank you enough for everything you did for them. They are so well behaved and sociable and I am so proud of how they are when we are out - and that's in the main down to you. Thank you!"   -Ashley

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