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Adventure Walks 

The Greatest Treat You Can Give Your Dog!

Adventure Walks are one of the most satisfying things your dog can experience. They will definitely be the highlight in your dog's week. A deeply primal need is met by participating in this group activity. Your dog evolved as a highly social pack animal. As opposed to a walk alone through the forest,  a higher level of excitement and interest is created as they share the sights, sounds, and smells with other members of their species that "get" them as only another dog could. They would prefer to follow with other dogs rather than be left alone.


Unlike at a dog park,  there is freedom and many other distractions such that the dogs are not forced to focus on, confront, or annoy each other as they run out of options. It is a much more natural way for dogs to socialize. Share a smell with one dog, play chase with another, but always there is a sense of momentum, that we are going somewhere, together! There is a purpose.


Dogs have also been selectively bred to look to humans for direction.  They follow those that provide for them (and that's not just about food). As the leader of the pack, I provide them with the direction, the purpose, the hunt, the adventure, the sense of security, together with the human companionship they crave. I am also the daycare worker. Again, an advantage over the typical dog park is that all the dogs are looking to me for direction and I know all the dogs I've invited into this pack. The dogs know they don't have to take care of things. That's my job. I make sure everyone plays nice, shares, and is respectful. 


These walks are especially beneficial to young dogs that need to work on their social skills. A family is created where youngsters learn to respect their elders, older dogs guide younger ones, and everyone learns to respect each other's differences.

Through these walks, with time, your dog will reach a level of maturity and emotional intelligence that many find difficult to achieve by other means. Your dog will develop life-long friendships. As you may have observed, no one can tire your dog out like another dog. These walks will satisfy your dog at a social, mental, and physical level. Your dog will be exhausted and completely satisfied by the end of the walk. An exhausted dog is a well behaved dog.


The Practical Stuff

First, get in touch with me and I will come to your home for a free consultation to meet with you and your dog. I'll go over the procedures, the safety protocols, and answer your questions.

Adventure walks take place every Monday to Thursday, rain or shine. I will pick up your dog from your home, let in by either you or a key you have left me.

The walks take place in the forest off the Port Albion road away from parks, coastal areas, civilization, and paved roads. We've been walking this area for quite some time now and are firmly established here. 

The hike is 1.5 to 2 hours long but with travel and drop off routines, your dog could be away for anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. Later in the day, lots of photos and videos will be posted.

New dogs will spend their first walk on leash and progress through long lines in future walks until a reliable recall is met. All dogs are wearing SportDog GPS tracking-only collars. This is a luxury I did not have access to in Qatar and will provide owners of new dogs with piece of mind. They have a range of 10 miles and rely on GPS satellite signals, not on cell phone reception.

Only one new dog is introduced to the pack at a time. When we're ready, then we introduce another dog, so it it takes some time to build up a pack.


All dogs are welcome as long as they can keep up with me. I'm not particularly fast in dog terms so small dogs and old dogs usually have no problem keeping up. In fact, older dogs tend to develop a spring in their step surrounded by the younger dogs. Male dogs of medium to large size must be neutered upon finishing their growth stage (even if not aggressive, they really throw off the pack dynamics). If you have an aggressive dog, please get in touch and we can look at the possibility of rehabilitating your dog. Odds are your dog is not as aggressive as you think they are.

If you feel your dog is too small and delicate or too fearful around larger dogs, I operate an adventure walk just for small dogs and puppies on Wednesdays afternoons.

Some of the packs I have are geared towards resilient dogs that like to play rowdy and some of the packs are geared towards dogs that like to play more gently.

I walk puppies as young as 3 months, depending on the dog. I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful difference it makes in shaping the dog's personality starting them off sooner rather than later.

I am looking for dogs that can commit to a regularly timed walk at least once a week in order to establish a reliable pack.

Walks are $25 each.  

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