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**No Boarding will be offered for the months of July     and August**      

Day Boarding

Heading out on a tour and want to give your dog some fun, too? Your dog can tag along with me and my two very friendly chocolate Labs (Hugo and Inga) for the day. They love meeting other dogs,have very good doggy social skills, and put other dogs at ease very quickly. Your dog will have some great natural beauty to explore while we do our adventure walks and leashed walks with other dogs. The cost is $30 (or $25 for Ucluelet residents). I take video throughout the day and upload it each night. Space is limited. Larger male dogs must be neutered.

Overnight Boarding

Your dog will be part of my pack, never alone. We all live, sleep, and hang out in the same space.  The cost is $40 (or $30 for Ucluelet residents). Space is limited. Larger male dogs must be neutered.

Cage Rental

Your host not so keen on your dog or you need to leave your dog unattended? I can deliver an empty cage to you at a rate of $15/day.

For a glimpse into a typical 3 day boarding period with me and my dogs while I was living in Qatar: A 25 minute video

Charlie's owners needed someone to look after their nervous dog for 3 hours while they were visiting Ucluelet. She loosened up considerably by the end, as you can see in the video.

"The photos are beautiful and it looks like she had a great time with you and your dogs! She doesn't get a chance to play with other dogs that often so that was a special treat for her. And she looks really happy!! Thanks again! Hope to see you again next year!"


Some photos of dogs boarding with me.

My dogs with Lloyd the Vizsla puppy and Sugar the Pomeranian.

Sadie's owners were visiting Ucluelet for 5 days but their accommodation would not allow dogs. Sadie got to have her own private vacation with me and my dogs.

Matthew... thank you so much for looking after my Sadie... as I mentioned she has never had a sleepover with a non family member in her 14 years and she walked into your house and family and never looked back! The daily pictures and videos were so helpful in us knowing she was so well cared for. I cannot give enough praise for your services and we will definitely be back!"

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